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Ademrood is an installation-expo with Berbertextielen (collection Paul Vandenbroeck) and dansvideo’s (Pé Vermeersch with Mira Walschot and Noelia Abenza Barceló), in dialog with a selection of contemporary works of: Coup-de-Foudre (Goedel Vermandere & Jan Arickx), Christophe Denys, Saskja Snauwaert, Linda Vinck, Nathalie Vanheule, Tamara Van San, Bart Vandevijvere and Pé Vermeersch, with a soundscape of Peter Clasen.

EXPO: from 19th of September until 10th of October 2021 – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 2 till 6 PM,  Friday nocturne: 6 – 9 PM. Free. Reservation required


GUIDED TOURS by Paul Vandenbroeck on this  art of weaving on 26th of September and 3rd of October  from 2 till 4 pm.  10€/person. Direct registration:

‘Ademrood/Red Oxygen’ is an environment, a healing aesthetic ‘experiential space’,  which can not only be looked at, but experienced. Red, color of life and passion, but also of suffering and blood,  contrasts with white, clinical non-color of growing still, quieting down.  Monumental blood-red rugs and textiles from Morocco and Tunisia (collection Paul Vandenbroeck), created by women weavers living in a strict social confinement, dialogize with a selection of contemporary works by Christophe Denys, Saskja Snauwaert, Anita Evenepoel, Nathalie Vanheule, Tamara Van San, Linda Vinck, Bart Vandevijvere, Coup-de-Foudre (Goedel Vermandere & Jan Aricx), and Pé Vermeersch.  Throughout the space, flatscreens showing fragments of performances which took place during the first venue of this project, as part of the Human.artistic.festival (Brussels, October 2020, abruptly closed due to the second corona lockdown), but also recent performances related to the same web of issues. In the online movie as well as in the dance videos Pé Vermeersch sets off from the weakened body, painfully assailed and affected, from the wounded earth, but, nevertheless, searches for the healing force of breath and the necessary consolation of the lament (backed by a soundscape of Peter Clasen, Brussels).  Likewise, Pé looks for freedom, to be found in minuscule details of peripherical movement and in bodily sustainability, an approach that is also visible / palpable in the old weaving art. Finding creative freedom in inner migration, a task for every artist. 

Pé Vermeersch & Paul Vandenbroeck are makers of several expositions looking for bodily mediation between visual contemporary and traditional art forms and the public. See, e.g., the danced exhibition ENCOUNTERS (may-august 2017, MAS museum, Antwerp), HYLE  (2013, Roger Raveel Museum, Machelen),  MAYYI ZTTAN OUNFOUSINOU ? (2014, Cultural Center De Ververij, Ronse), DESERTSCAPES (2019, SALON RADICAL, Kortrijk).  ADEMROOD is the latest exhibition. 


A project by Radical HeArts (non-profit organization) at SALON RADICAL, Koning Leopold I-straat 12, B-8500 KORTRIJK


De lang gekoesterde samenwerking tussen dichter Paul Demets endanseres Pé Vermeersch voor Memento ( reeds aangevangen in 2020 net voor eerste lock down ) is in dezeonwerkelijke fase een buitenontmoetinggeworden, corona proof, gefilmd in het Kortrijkse Leielandschap. Het resultaat is een beeldverhaal, gebaseerd op drie gedichten uit de jongste bundel van Paul Demets, ‘De Hazenklager’. Het tweetal kroop in elkaars huid, verdwaalde in landschappen, vervreemdde en ontmoette elkaar ‘in een land dat ringeloort’. Flarden van de gedichten worden omgevormd tot songs, mede dankzij de samenwerking met electronica-componist Peter Clasen. De kortfilm ‘Ruim de huid’ biedt eenervaring die onder je huid kruipt en daar nog een tijdje blijft zitten. Een ontmoeting, die dichter en danser verder hopen tezetten, waarbij grenzen integerverlegd willen worden​…


SALON RADICAL  is the name of the place where we rehearse and  prepare projects, lead our research ,  but is also a place for small performances,  improvisation session,  house concerts and expositions , lectures and debate 

SALON RADICAL  stands for intimate intuitive  art transcultural , traditional and contemporary art forms 

SALON RADICAL consists of a ‘Salon’ in a 19th century Mansion  and a back house with a dancestudio and gallery of about 90m2 ( without mirrors but floating wooden floor.  

This is available for rent during weekdays from 9am till 3 pm .   the salon with the wing piano can be rented for small house concerts

SALON RADICAL houses also the extra ordinary collection  of Dr. Prof. Paul Vandenbroeck ( textiles from the Maghreb ) .  Who wove my breath, Desertscapes and Red Oxygen Bodies of lace are projects in which we took these magnificent textile work as source of inspiration for dance and bodywork 

on appointment one might see some pieces  ( every day between  5 and 7 pm) and on Saturday between 11 am and 1 pm