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Bodies of lace 

Arne Deforce / SASKJA SNAUWAERT /  Pé Vermeersch / research Paul Vandenbroeck


Here, both cellist and dancer question patterns and physical qualities embedded in two textile traditions operating on a microscopic scale : Western lace and Tunisian ‘bakhnoug’ weaving, and translate them into the body and the music. Proper to both textile traditions, with their subtle and ever-changing forms, patterns, and aesthetic qualities, is the richness and complexity of the wordless messages they convey. The same is true for what the prepared and skilled dancing body, or play upon the body of the cello are able to achieve.

In a simple setting, the public witnesses this sensible but radical meeting in which both Vermeersch and Deforce are inspired by the microscopic detail and unpredictability of the patterns. The public can enter the space and appreciate the fine antique textiles connected through the contemporary lacing work of Saskja Snauwaert and a video work. In these contemporary works, the spine is that part of the body worked upon and in doing so, it connects, again two different traditions and cultures.

Cello : music by Pascal Dussapin and improvisation by Arne Deforce

Dance : improvisation Pé Vermeersch

Spoken Word : Katelijne Damen

Video and Installation performance : Pé Vermeersch, Paul Vandenbroeck, Saskja Snauwaert

with a collection of antique pieces of lace and and tunesian bachnouqs


➔ coming up on 23.09.2017 at CC De Ververij in Ronse (BE)

in collaboration with

Kunstencentrum Belgiê Hasselt, De Werf  Brugge, Villa Romana Firenze, Texture  and the city of Kortrijk.