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Principles of japanese butoh dance extended with principles of body weather 

Pé has researched this dance movement for many years while being a student of and later collaborating intensively with Akira Kasai, Min Tanaka, Masaki Iwana in Japan, the U.S. and in Europe. They are three remarkable and distinguished dancers Equally in Pé’s approach – in her teaching and in her dancing – butoh is much more an assembly of specific thoughts about and body and dance than she defends it as a style

‘A butoh body is a body constantly ‘dealing’ with paradoxes, never aiming to be clear.  This  body is a sensorily breathing, detailed, ‘weak’ body delivering itself to a taboo-free fantasy and mind. This dancer is always aware of the vitalizing power of the ‘end’.  this dancer dances out of necessity to communicate with his audience by scanning his experience…. (P.V.)’

Tools found as well in a phsyical training  and body work developing a natural but strong body,  imagework , sensibility training and all these exercises developing change of perception of time and space. work with and in nature, pushing imagination and elaborating a strong body observation are basic principles.



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