The dancers, as living, animated and thinking materials, are ‘prepared’ and dance in an unpredictable and elusive way. This organic composition is like a sensitive human rug. An ordened clew with a very lively feeling. The coincidental, but always inspired, ‘danced’ warp of every dancer creates an unpredictable and teeming beauty, hopefully intriguing enough to be looked at for a long time.

With this kind of human organic structures, Pé is hoping to offer something similar to what nature does or animal formations, e.g. swarms of birds, can do. As this journey and ‘formless form’ states might last endlessly and become a hypnotic pattern for the observer, from it arise different tableaux, tighter choreographies and sensitive body/object relationships with the 4 Berbercarpets shown in 4 different video’s (who wove my breath)

Costumes : Anita Evenepoel in collaboration with Pé Vermeersch
Music : Peter Clasen
Dance : Angela Babuin, Irénée Blin, Aleesa Shirayshi, Alexandro Pablo Russo, Rebecca Rosseel, Giovanni Scarcella, Mira Walschot