The dance
vocabulary of Pé S. Vermeersch is a fusion of western and eastern principles,
traditional as well as contemporary ones, and goes together with a philosophical
attitude towards art and dance. After her classical and contemporary
dance training, she studied philosophy and
researched the performing arts in different cultures. She studied
traditional dance forms like bharatanatyam and kathakali in India and Noh in
Japan. She has researched very intensively the butoh dance movement with many
prominent figure and is strongly nourished  by (the bodyweatherwork of) Min Tanaka.
 She was a equally, for many years, a student of, and
dancer for the butoh master and eurythmist Akira Kasai.  Since 2003 she is developping a unique
dance vocabulary combining all these different skills and develops it into a distinguished artistic
work. She proposes different kinds of  workshops :  the ‘intensive workshops’ designed to offer new tools for contemporary dancers , the sensibility walks open to all levels and ages, the workshops for children and a course exploring the theoretical and practical features of the butohdance movement.

The workshops are organized by Radical HeArts vzw. The indoor studio is located in Kortrijk, next to the station. The outdoor studio is located on the country side near Bruges.


TUESDAYS  12- 15.30

intensive training , bodytechniques,  towards improvisation

SATURDAYS 10.15 till 12.45

softer warm up and body work , body consciousness, image work , sensibility work , imagework, principles of butoh and bodyweather

classes 150 euros/10   ( personal and valid for 4 months )

20 euro one class