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Abstract me !’ / creation 2013

When we are touched by a delicate, sensitive or ‘lived’ abstract work of art, it is because it makes the sensibilities and sensations through summarily used forms visible and palpable. We do not know exactly know by what we are touched, only that we are touched. Although very indefinable, it is recognizable. A profound sensibility is at the origin of good abstract art. A sensibility which is capable to achieve, seemingly ‘meaningless’ and without words, a deep sense of connection. The experience-loade body thus becomes source of creation and perception. In this ‘wise’ body lays the mediation between abstract art and viewer. A sensitive guide.

In performing art, ‘Abstract me !’ can also be read as an impossible plea : ‘Look at me, perceive and experience me’ as if I were a painting. As much as the performer may try, he/she will never be able to become a total abstraction. His/her work of art will only exist temporarily through its subjective and figurative presence. The power of this very vital attempt to get rid of the figurative contour, might be very interesting, and close to a beautiful ‘erotic’ act.

With this new work Pé wants to create a multi-media performance relating her drawings and paintings to dance, and relating abstract work to performance. With the help of words, voice and electronic music she makes an ‘erotic’ move between figuration and abstraction. In wondering about the necessity to dissapear, she seek to incorporate patterns in abstract art as well as to hold on to the decided lines of her figurative drawings.

This work will be developed , step by step, through different performances, into a new work for the stage.

First performances september/october : Roger Raveel Museum