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Dance , a SF-story : 

‘Dancers are special creatures. They look very much like human beings, but they have a different energy and way of perceiving things. Every nog and then they land on earth and after a brief moment of intense daning, whether in an open-air market or some other pbulic space they take off again, hoping to have re-activated ‘lost’ dancers amongst the humans on planet earth.’

‘Watch out! Dancers’ was an experimental outdoor performance project realised in 2005. For two weeks a cast of international dancers took part in an intensive trainingproject of P. S. Vermeersch in her studio , then located in Langerbrugge /Harbour of Ghent. During one week the dancers performed on different locations, always re-adapting to new scripts. This Radical HeArts project was realised together with the city of Ghent and the cultural center of Evergem.