SALON RADICAL  is the name of the place where we rehearse and  prepare projects, lead our research, but is also a place for small performances, improvisation session, house concerts and expositions, lectures and debate.

SALON RADICAL  stands for intimate intuitive  art transcultural, traditional and contemporary art forms .

SALON RADICAL consists of a ‘Salon’ in a 19th century Mansion  and a back house with a dancestudio and gallery of about 90m2 (without mirrors but floating wooden floor).  

This is available for rent during weekdays from 9am till 3 pm.  The salon with the wing piano can be rented for small house concerts.

SALON RADICAL houses also the extra ordinary collection  of Dr. Prof. Paul Vandenbroeck (textiles from the Maghreb).  Who wove my breath, Desertscapes and Red Oxygen Bodies of lace are projects in which we took these magnificent textile work as source of inspiration for dance and bodywork.

On appointment one might see some pieces  (every day between  5 and 7 pm) and on Saturday between 11 am and 1 pm.