Pé Vermeersch (° 1969)

Trained as a dancer from childhood, Pé has been active in the Flemish theatre circuit as an actress with several companies, from a very young age. With a degree of Master in philosophy (Universities of Ghent and Brussels) and intrigued by the possible sacred character of dance and theater, she studied traditional dance forms of the East, like Kathakali and Noh. Laureate of different awards and scholarships (a.o. Europalia Nippon-Kinen, Honda Foundation, Bunka-cho Japan) she managed to study and live in Japan for two and half years. She studied in particular with the controversial anthroposophist and butoh master Akira Kasai, for and with whom she danced in the USA and Japan, and with butoh master Min Tanaka. Since 2002, Pé, together with her ‘radical hearts’ dance company, elaborated the range of experienced influences into her own dance vocabulary. Belgium based, she has developed three main performances that have been programmed internationally : ‘Blondes have no soul’, ‘It Organs / the body’ and ‘Making the skies move’. Pé’s creations are characterized by radicality, sensibility and mental abandon.

She teaches regularly since 2002 in his own studio, currently located in Kortrijk, and was also called upon as a teacher in the international theater world, such as Fratellini School and CND in Paris.

Since 2005, Pé develops also a graphic and visual work, strongly related to her quest in dance and the energetic body.

Radical HeArts Dance Company is part of Radical HeArts vzw. Radical HeArts is a small, interdisciplinary contemporary center for different arts related to anthropologic research and to therapy.

Pé Vermeersch works as an individual artist as well as within the structure of Radical HeArts.

Paul Vandenbroeck is co-founder of Radical HeArts.

Peter Clasen, composer of electronic music and frontman of Neven, (website link) has created since 2004 original music for ‘Watch out! Dancers !’, ‘Zielewind’ and ‘The black Carpet’, ‘Dirty Elves’ and ‘Pregnancy Level 8’.

Anita Evenepoel has proposed and created costumes for ‘It Organs/ the body’ and ‘The black carpet’/ a formless form

Radical HeArts Dance Company : based in Kortrijk

– before’ the small house for radical art’/ Ghent-Brussels

Angela Babuin, dancer, assistant and co-creator

Mira Walschot, dancer, assistant and co-creator

Dancers having collaborated with creations or improvisations in the past : Irénée Blin, Aleesa Shirayshi, Rebecca Rosseel, Uiko Watanabe, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Annelies Cocquyt, Giovanni Scarcella, Alejandro Pablo Russo, Marc Planceon, Hélène Barrier, Mireya Martinez, Magali Revest, Bart Walter, Hilde Broeckhove, Iwana, Julien Bruneau, Jean-François Bruneau, Nicolas Maloufi, Florent Delval, Daniella Alvarez Lopez, Hinnerk Schichta, Paule Busschop ,Tina Scondric, Emile de Vlam, Frank van de ven, Trudo Engels , Toru Iwashita, Masaki Iwana, a.o.

Musicians : Jan Vermeire, Jan Michiels, Ludo Engels, Bart Maris, Lode Vercampt, Françoise Vanhecke, Gen Shimaoka, Jan Marmenhout, Bertram Dhellemmes

Light and technique : Koen Moerman, Marc Hoflack, Dirk Verledens, Jurgen Timmerman

Photographers : Rudi De Brabandere, Luc de Preitere, Julie Jones, Jan Keirse, Marc Holfack, Jan Lietaert

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