My drawing language found its origin in my dance research. The drawings are conceived in simple, clear lines which are brought to the paper in one energetic, breathing move. Usually they find a closed contour in an anthropomorphic figure. Around those slightly floating, ‘not-closed’ figures, a small detail indicates the potential of more movement in space. The outlines of the figures are powerful and fragile at the same time, creating a feeling of both inside and outside.

The work is energetic-realistic as well as figurative. Longing to dissolve is a feeling always lingering around and breathing underneath. And, very sometimes, as in my performing art work, it may happen that the line becomes explicit erotic.

‘My eye becomes my ear,
 my ear my nose, my nose my mouth.
 My mind is integrated and my body dissolves.
 Bones and flesh are melting.
 I am blown away, east and west …
Does the wind ride me or do I ride the wind’ (Lieh Tzu).

Pé’s plastic work is characterized by a continuous metamorphosis, just like
there is no repetitive movement in her dance, even if it goes on for hours.
’Repetition is death’ (Vazlaw Nijinski). But searching the new for its own
sake is also sterile. Pé’s creations come forth from a unconditional
surrender to the moment, always inimitable, always flowing. It is as
necessary as free.

’Even there, where no space exists,
what is without substance’ (Tao te ching, XLIII).