Guided tours


26th of September and 3rd of October 2 – 4 PM (maximum 20 persons). 10 euros/pers. Reservation:

Why weaving art from Morocco and Tunisia? Because, in a global perspective, it is an unjustly ‘forgotten’ art despite its extraordinary quality. From controlled, extreme refinement to totally unexpected, sometimes frenzied spontaneity. Almost always purely abstract, long before abstraction made its appearance in the West. The dynamics of shapes and colors range from microscopic patterns to monumental creations. Each carpet is anonymous. We only know that the artists were rural women, often in inhospitable regions and outside the monetary economy.

Why the choice for certain contemporary artists? Because – with or without social success – they do not fill in ‘illustrations’ of a concept or theory, but because related energies ‘live’ in their work, which they give shape to in various artistic media (painting, graphics, lace, sculpture, mixed media).

Why the link to the dance work of Pé Vermeersch and her company? Because tactile weaving itself was felt as a ‘second skin’ or body? Because the art of Pé, nourished by the dance art from the Far East, possesses a layered sensibility that can sense and embody the ‘energetics’ of the aforementioned weaving art – across the boundaries of time and space. Because we (Pé & Paul) believe that every aesthetic act and choice finds its ultimate source in the animate body.